Terms and Conditions

Select Car Kits Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Valid from May 2008.

Select Car Kits and Select Telecom are trading styles of Select Telecommunications Limited.

1. Delivery & Installation

a. A minimum of 5 working days notice is required to ensure your first choice of install date is available; all lead times are subject to the availability of engineers and parts.

b. All parts and components ordered from us will be delivered directly to your chosen delivery address. Most goods are dispatched same day and all goods are shipped using an insured, next business day service. If you have purchased an installation it is essential that all parts delivered are available to the engineer at the time of installation.

c. We cannot commit to exact arrival times due to traffic conditions and unforeseen delays. We do however offer an AM or PM slot at the time of booking. AM and PM slots are 9.00 – 12.00 and 12.00 – 17.00 and will be confirmed in your SMS booking confirmation.

d. It is essential that your vehicle, radio code, phone and equipment to be installed are available to the engineer and that the vehicle is accessible at the time of arrival. A delay could lead to the job being deemed as cancelled, subsequent visits would be subject to a rebooking fee.

e. The vehicle and phone details provided to us at the time of order must be complete and correct, if the wrong details are given the wrong parts may be specified and the install may fail. Installations that fail due to incorrect information provided at the point of order are deemed as cancelled and are subject to a rebooking fee.

f. In the unlikely event that physical or electrical damage is caused to your vehicle during the course of your installation we will accept full responsibility for any repairs or replacement parts required and are fully insured to work on any vehicle. Please ensure any repairs obtained are first agreed by us prior to their commencement. Although we are happy to rectify any damage we cause we cannot pay compensation for direct, indirect or consequential loss.

2. Equipment

a. The term ‘Non-Damaging Bracket” or “No Holes Bracket’ relates to the mounting of a mobile phone cradle or screen to the dashboard of a vehicle. When a separate loudspeaker is fitted to a vehicle, small drill holes are made to secure it to an out of sight panel in the passenger foot well. We make every effort to ensure any holes are as inconspicuous as possible. ‘Non-Damaging Brackets’ are not supplied with Bluetooth car kits by default and if required should be included with your order.

b. When you order a non-damaging bracket we will always provide an ‘angle mount’ non-damaging bracket wherever possible and unless specified otherwise at the time of order. Where an ‘angle mount’ bracket is not available you will be advised of the alternatives before proceeding.

c. ‘Audio Integration Leads’ cannot be fitted to all vehicles. This is because of variations in connectors and stereo systems which can prevent the equipment working correctly. In these circumstances the loudspeaker supplied with the hands free car kit is used. If there is not a loud speaker supplied with the car kit (i.e. Parrots) we will advise you prior to installation that an additional speaker is required.

d. ‘Automatic Muting’ of vehicle stereos is not always possible and depends on the limitations of the vehicle stereo, the majority of vehicles are compatible. Where they are not compatible an audio integration loom to mute the stereo is usually available.

3. Location

a. In the event of wet weather conditions our engineers may require a covered area in which to work; this is to protect your vehicle from water damage. Please ensure your chosen address has adequate cover in the event, if there is no cover you will be asked to sign a water damage disclaimer. If you choose not to continue with the installation the job will be deemed as cancelled; subsequent visits would be subject to a rebooking fee.

b. The area provided for our engineer to work in should be spacious enough to allow both front doors be fully opened without obstruction, this is to protect your vehicle. Please ensure your chosen address has adequate space to work in or the booking will be deemed as cancelled, subsequent visits would be subject to a rebooking fee.

c. Unfortunately our engineers are not insured to work in public or metered car parks and for safety reasons will not work on main roads or dual carriageways. Please consider this when booking your installation.

4. Pre & Post Signatures

a. Before and after any work is carried out on your vehicle a signature is required to confirm that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction and that the vehicle has been left in the same condition it was found. If you are not available at the time of the installation, please nominate someone to act on your behalf. Due to insurance reasons we cannot commence an installation without an authorised signatory being present.

5. Pricing & Availability

a. Prices and availability quoted on this website are subject to change without notice. Quotations provided in writing are valid for 30 days from their date of issue.

b. Select Car Kits cannot be held responsible for delays caused by Couriers or Suppliers beyond our control. To minimise issues with parts and/or installation Select Car Kits use only genuine parts from accredited suppliers.

6. Cancellation & Rebooking

a. A minimum 24 hours notice is required to cancel a booking without charge. If we are not given at least 24 hours notice we will be unable to fill the job slot and a cancellation fee will be applicable. When reporting a cancellation please ensure you obtain a reference number from our staff.

b. Our opening hours for sales and support are 9.00 – 17.30 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Cancellations can only be communicated within our hours of business.

c. Should your installation fail due to reasons beyond our control and you haven’t provided at least 24 hours notice, a fee for rebooking the installation of £40.00 ex VAT will be applicable.

7. Warranty & Returns

a. All goods supplied by us are covered by a 24 month warranty commencing from the date of delivery. In the unlikely event a fault develops simply return the item to us with a copy of your receipt and it will quickly be exchanged like for like. Misuse, wear and tear, modification, and unintentional or deliberate user damage will invalidate the warranty.

b. Goods returned to us within 21 days of delivery can be refunded for any reason providing they are complete, unused and unopened.

c. All goods returned to us are the customer’s responsibility until they are received by us. To help in the event that a parcel is not received by us, please ensure your delivery service provides proof of delivery. The cost of returning goods is met by the customer however we do not charge for delivery of any warranty replacements. Please note that car kits which have been installed cannot be refunded.

d. All goods installed by our engineers are covered by a 21 day rapid response warranty commencing from the date of installation. In the unlikely event that a fault develops simply notify is and we will come out to fix it within 3 working days.

e. Where we believe a fault is not related to the installation or the goods we supplied we will pre charge for the service call at £75.00 ex VAT. This will be refunded in full should the fault be due to the equipment or installation.

f. In the unlikely event that a fault develops in a THB Bury or Nokia cradle, please return the faulty cradle to us for a new replacement.

g. Sometimes we may need a little help diagnosing faults before a service visit to ensure we send the right parts. This may include testing another handset, installing software upgrades and performing test calls.

h. Please ensure you read the manual of your new equipment carefully before use and follow any safety recommendations.

8. Refunds & Compensation

a. Refunds can only be issued in line with these terms and conditions.

b. For reasons beyond our control refunds on to debit or credit cards may take up to 7 days to appear in your account.

c. Where the debit or credit card used to purchase goods is no longer in use a cheque will be issued to the customer. This is a requirement of secure payment systems.

d. Refunds can only be processed once goods are received and confirmed to be complete and within the terms of our returns policy. Please inform us by email or phone if you are returning goods to help us manage your refund more effectively.

e. We do not pay compensation for direct, indirect or consequential loss however we do guarantee that any problem with any of our products or services will be dealt with quickly and efficiently within our terms of trading.