BenQ Siemens Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit HKW-700
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Friday December 14th 2007,
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The Siemens HKW-700 is a fully portable Bluetooth car kit giving you the freedom of to enjoy handsfree communication whilst you concentrate on driving. The HKW-700 simply connects into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle

The HKW-700’s speaker and microphone let you hear the person you talk to and transmit your voice with full duplex audio quality.

The Siemens HKW-700 has an integrated display screen that shows you caller ID, number dialled and mobile phone address book.

The HKW-700 can be paired with up to four Bluetooth enabled mobile phones making it an ideal solution for families and colleagues who share a vehicle.

Key features:

• Handsfree communication
• Fully portable, plugs into cigarette lighter socket
• Full duplex audio quality
• Echo reduction
• Noise suppression
• Works with a wide range of Bluetooth-capable mobile phones (with hands-free profile)
• Dialled numbers and incoming calls are displayed on the car kit’s screen
• Can be paired with 4 separate phones
• Hard-wired microphone with six-foot cable
• Visor mount for microphone

The Siemens HKW-700 is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. Please contact Select Car Kits Customer Service if you are unsure of your phone’s compatibility.

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