Features and Options

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Leather Pod     included
Real leather phone mounting console, colour matched to suit your car.
Priority booking   included included
Customers with priority booking almost always get their first choice for the time and date for their onsite installation.
Audio Integrated through car speakers   included included
As with the radio mute, except the audio will be relayed through your vehicles’ speakers and not the speaker provided with the hands free car kit. This will give an improved sound quality, without having to adjust volume levels.
Radio Mute included included included
If you make or receive calls your car stereo will mute until you have finished your call and then resume again.
“No Holes” Bracket included included
with hard wearing metal
Leather Pod
No Holes brackets will save having to drill holes into your dashboard to secure the cradle. This option is perfect for people not wanting to damage their cars’ interior.

A gold car kit comes with a super-strong hard-wearing metal bracket.

On-site installation included included included
We operate a national installation service with over 100 engineers all trained to industry standards for hands free car kit installations.
Antenna included included
with signal booster
with signal booster
Antennas are used to enhance the reception of your phone whilst being used in your car kit.

Gold car kits come with a 3db gain antenna which boosts the reception by 3 times when compared to a standard one.

Control Box included included included
This is the brains of the car kit. The microphone, speaker and power all run from here.
Cradle included included included
A cradle will hold your phone firmly in place and for many phone models will also charge your mobile battery.
Microphone included included included
The microphone is both discreet and of high durability.
Speaker included included included
The speaker is hard wearing and small enough to be hidden away but will still give you optimum performance.
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Optional extras

Leather console for bluetooth hands free car kits

Leather console pod

Give your car kit install that extra luxury touch and go for either a synthetic leather or real leather phone mounting console.

We can colour match leather trim to suit any make and model of vehicle

Available from £49 for synthetic black leather or from £79 for colour matched genuine leather.

Alternatively, order a Gold PLUS car kit and get a leather console pod included.

Car Kit Repairs and Servicing

If you already have a car kit, and are having problems, please see our repairs and servicing page.

All prices for hands free car kits, optional extras and extra services exclude VAT