For Business and Corporate

In addition to the standard service, we provide to all our customers, our Corporate Business Customers enjoy an unlimited level of support and planning of installation rollout. We pride ourselves on our complete transparency in the installation process. Our Customer Portal is a unique service in the industry, and one, which sets us apart from other leading service installation companies.

Installations Under One Roof

Expertise and Personal Service

We can truly offer a bespoke installation service to our corporate clients. Our skilled engineers have the expertise to install something as simple as an off-the-shelf Satellite Navigation System to a Cross-Cell Network Repeater on the TETRA two-way radio system.

We can install throughout the UK and Ireland; everything from bespoke TETRA radio installations, Two-way radio installations, and Tracking equipment, right through to car kits and satellite navigation systems, all under one roof and at a location convenient to you, making us the UK’s leading vehicle installations solutions partner for some of the world’s leading companies.

Car Kit Installation Portal

The Installations Portal is a web-based tool designed specifically for the fleet and corporate client. It provides in-depth information to the fleet installation manager, showing a complete cycle of the installation process, from placing an order to completion of the installation and customer care.

No other installations company offers such a comprehensive end-to-end management of the installation process be it for car kit, tracking, or data terminal installation. Whatever product needs installing in a vehicle we simply ask for an end user name and contact details from thereon one of our trained booking staff will liaise with the end user to arrange everything from delivery of parts through the installation. Right through the process the fleet installation manager is kept informed by email and through the installation portal in real time so true transparency is maintained at all times.

We always meet with the client first, to go through the needs of the company not only concerning installations of the equipment but in order to gain a fuller understanding of the company structure and any special needs they may have. In more regimented installation environments theses initial meetings may well involve the creation of a detailed installation manual and procedures list if the company does not already have one.

At this stage types, equipment to be installed are discussed plus a service level agreement is drawn up to outline.

TETRA and Two Way Radio Installations

Be it PMR (private mobile radio), a TETRA end terminal installation, our expertise comes to the fore using the unique installations portal. We have systems rollout over the UK mainland and Ireland, no one is better suited to work with you and your systems provider making sure all your vehicle installation needs are dealt with in a professional manner.

We pride ourselves on saving your company the most precious resource your company has; TIME. As we all know, time is money therefore, dealing with a Telematics company to install your tracking, two-way radio supplier and a car kit installation company, separately, no longer makes sense.

Telematics, Vehicle, and Asset Tracking Installations

One of the areas we excel at is installations of tracking devices be they GPS or cellular based, our 16 years of experience in RF radio and cellular digital radio puts us in the perfect position to carry out installations of this mission critical equipment. Again, our rigors approach to the installation process will provide you with the very best service. We work closely with the manufactures such as box Telematics to give us in-depth information in current systems available in the UK market place.

Data terminal installations

The scope of the installation process partially I data terminals call coves as part of the service with us no one goes further to understand the client’s needs when it comes to fleet instillations of this type of equipment. Always keeping in mind keeping feel on the road is of upmost priority to that end we can offer out of working hours installation services to our fleet clients.