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Hands free car kits


  • Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. The key features of Bluetooth technology are robustness, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other.
  • One such device is the hands free car kit which is fully fitted in your car. When you start the engine of the car, the kit will send out a handshake to any Bluetooth devices. In this case it would be your mobile, if your mobile is ‘paired with the kit  i.e. it recognizes the handshake and it will respond with its own handshake and the pairing is complete. Once this is done, the kit and the mobile exchange information about themselves. For example, the services they are able to share and any updates on information such as contacts which then become static records for that connection. The kit will then ask the phone for additional information such as battery and signal strength if the kit has a display. This is the fluid information that will be constantly updated throughout the connection.
  • The mobile can connect without the need of physical wires.
  • Most phones have Bluetooth connectivity and multiple phones can be connected to the kit.
  • With the advent of multipoint technology, some car kits can now have two phones connected simultaneously. Multipoint is a new development that allows your car kit to be connected to two Bluetooth phones at the same time. When a call comes in, the car kit knows which set is ringing and will connect to the phone automatically.
  • Network signal is by far the biggest consideration with a phone being used in a car, as most users of Bluetooth kits tend to place the mobile under what is often referred to as the ‘glass line of the car’. Considering that radio signals which provide you with sound clarity travel in straight lines and do not like travelling through metal, it makes sense not to place your phone under this lineas it greatly reduces the signal and therefore  the clarity and the ability to make or receive calls.
  • Battery use – although Bluetooth has a low power consumption, using this technology will use up more battery power if left on; a concern in devices such as mobile phones. Bear in mind also that the low signal strength makes the phone work harder and also puts further strain on the battery.




Bluetooth fully fitted stand alone


Ck 100 , Ck 200 , Ck300 and Ck 600


Mki 9000 , Mki9100 ,Mki 9200


Motonav tn series
  • There’s two things that will immediately get your attention: The extra wide, cinema-like 5.1″ screen and the vibrant color and quality of the hi-res display. It’s probably the best screen and fastest refresh rate I’ve yet seen on a pnd, and that includes the HP310 and Navigon 7200, my previous display champs. If those bright colors aren’t quite your taste, there are two additional map color choices. “Smooth”, which resembles the Americana map colors on my Tomtom, and “Minimal” which is pretty much shades of gray, but retaining that bright orange for you active route. While “Vibrant” will definitely get your attention and “oohh’s” from your passengers with the bright blues, greens, pinks and orange, “Smooth” was more my taste after a couple of days.
  • Welcome to MOTONAV
  • Motorola Phone-based Navigation System T805 Motorola Smartphone-based Navigation System T815
  • Turn compatible Bluetooth® enabled handsets into ultra-portable GPS navigation devices with MOTONAV. Each navigation system includes a stylish GPS receiver which provides precise locations, turn-by-turn directions, on-screen maps and clear spoken and visual instructions. Also included is a rich set of location-based services including real-time traffic updates helping drivers to avoid potential congestion. Have a safe and pleasant journey!
  • Welcome to MOTONAV review  
  • Constantly be in touch while staying focused on the road with the MOTONAV TN550. Motorola’s personal navigation system ensures you stay on the map while discovering the world around you. The MOTONAV TN500 series is an easy-to-use personal navigation device with voice commands and stunning graphics. The device has a speakerphone that pairs with your Bluetooth enabled phone keeping your whole life in sync while on the road.
  • Features:
  • 4.3-inch widescreen display with multiple map views and street names
  • Google™ local search to access millions of destinations from the internet
  • Fuel prices, weather updates, flight status, and more
  • Bluetooth® integration for hands-free calling and phonebook sync
  • Hear text messages read aloud, send automated replies and more
  • Speak and go using voice commands and voice recognition
  • Better Navigation
  • Whether you are sightseeing on a road trip or car pooling in a new city, MOTONAV keeps you on track so you can keep your mind on driving. The dynamic MultiView display shows your location and map where your eyes naturally look front and centre – while the left side view keeps route details and points of interest on tap and the right view keeps you connected to your contacts and helpful information all within one touch. You are always only one tap from the map, so you can quickly find helpful info when choosing your own adventure, whether you are learning that the next rest stop is the last one for 90 miles or finding an old friend who lives in a new post code so you never get lost in the device.
  • Integrated Communications
  • Motorola leveraged its world leadership in Bluetooth headsets and experience design to combine the traditional in-vehicle GPS experience with a high quality navigation device and speakerphone. MOTONAV TN550 is universally compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone so it’s easy to sync and stay constantly connected. MOTONAV lets you browse your address book and call contacts while keeping two hands on the wheel. Just speak and go with MOTONAV, which allows you to search hands-free for phone contacts by using voice-prompted commands. Simply dictate what you are looking for and MOTONAV finds the information for you.
  • Access to Information
  • Drivers can make better driving decisions with MotoExtras, a service that displays local search results so you’ll always find the places and things you need. MotoExtras also displays other helpful information such as streaming traffic updates for your specific route, local fuel price comparisons, weather forecasts, and flight status updates. Expand your knowledge while on the road with voice-prompted search powered by Bing. Just one touch and you are connected to stock quotes, horoscopes, travel information, sports, movie times, and more. The MotoExtra service is enabled by Bluetooth and do not require a separate data plan, but a subscription fee is required after the initial 90-day free tri
   Motorola Tk 30  


  • Listen to your music as it’s meant to be heard with Motorola TK30. This Bluetooth pro-install car kit provides the technology for clear hands-free calls, connectivity to two phones at once along with professional sound quality for your iPod, iPhone, or other personal music device.
  • Serious Sound
  • TK30 lets you enjoy your music in rich hi-fi sound on the go. Easily connect your iPod, iPhone or other devices with USB and 3.5 mm connection options. Or go wireless and stream music from any compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone1. Your music will have great volume and clarity with minimum distortion thanks to the built in digital, four channel amplifier that independently drives the speakers.
  • All in One
  • TK30 combines professional-grade sound quality with superior hands-free functionality.. An automatic phonebook download makes calls quick and easy and voice prompts guide you through key features for total control. The OLED display clearly showcases useful information in an easy to read format for straightforward viewing.
  • Clear As a Bell
  • Cutting edge noise cancellation technology reduces background noise so calls are clear and easy to hear. Advanced multipoint technology allows you to connect two phones to the device simultaneously, so there’s no need to swap between your work and personal devices. Calls to one device can even be put on hold while you answer calls on the other.
  • Never Left Behind
  • Make forgetting everyday essentials such as mobile phones or music players a thing of the past. Audio and on-screen reminders on the TK30 let you know if you if you enter or exit your vehicle without your phone or personal music device.
  • Motorola TK30 Music Hands Free Car Kit Specification
  • Made for iPod, works with iPhone Advanced Multipoint performance, allows two mobile phones to be connected at the same time.
  • Phonebook download and spoken text messaging (with compatible handsets) Audio reminders. Alert: Have you forgotten your phone? Alert: Have you forgotten your iPod?
  • Each car speaker works independently for richer hi-fi. 60W of rich four-channel sound

  • motorola Tk 30       £129.00
  • Install                            £95.00
  • Audio loom (std)     £28.00
  • Audio loom  (pro)   £58.00


Thb Bury 9060 review


  • The only visible part of the installation is the screen – which is big enough to be clear but not too big to be an eyesore. Styling is very simple & unobtrusive – should suit any car. Screen has advantages of different colour options to suit the cars dashpanel style / lighting.
  • Performance is fantastic :
  • - Very fast pairing – often before I’m into the seat (unit is wired to start up when the central locking unlocks the door)
  • - Voice recognition is good (as long as background noise is reasonable – ie doesn’t like windscreen demister on full speed !)
  • - No issues with contact names / numbers that are generated in MS Outlook on a PC & then synced onto the mobile phone. Works well even when you have multiple numbers for the same contact (Eg home, mobile, office etc)
  • Received speech is really clear through the car’s stereo & I’m told my voice is very clear to recipients – with very good isolation of road / tyre & wind noise





Bluetooth fully fitted with steering wheel controls



more reviews on thb bury system 8 here soon



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aside •DialogPlus voice control – fast and accurate word recognition; no voice training required; visual and audio prompts •Multipoint-funktion – simultaneous connection of two moblie phones to the system ist possible •Magic word – activation of teh voice control with a single voice command •Voice memo function – record telephone calls and leave behind instructions for other drivers •Text-to-speech – reads text messages out loud* £129.00 plus vat Comments Off # 05/10/10