Nokia N91
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Thursday January 03rd 2008, 12:14 am
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The Nokia N91 features a 4GB hard drive and an integrated music player that supports a number of file formats. The phone also offers a 2-megapixel camera, video recording, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. A true multimedia experience!

The sliding cover that protects the keypad has media buttons built into it to give you instant access to your music. You can switch easily between the music player and last used application and recording music to the N91 is simple. There’s even a built in equalizer with seven options to enhance the sound of your music.

Key features:

• 4 GB hard disk
• 2 megapixel camera
• Video recording
• Symbian 9.1 OS 
• Slide down keypad for quick access to music player
• Music player supporting MP3, AAC, Real, WMA and many more formats 
• Equalizer to enhance sound
• Voice recognition
• Bluetooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi technology
• 3G compatible
• Active stand-by mode
• Built-in FM radio
• Tri-band

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