Motorola 98192 Easy Install Hands-Free Car Kit
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Wednesday December 12th 2007,
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The Motorola 98192 handsfree car kit provides complete portability and flexibility by offering a hands-free solution whenever you need it. The kit would be ideal for people who regularly drive different vehicles.

Installing the 98192 does not require any tools or modifications to the vehicle and can be completed within a few minutes. Simply plug the kit into the vehicles cigarette lighter socket.

Key features:

• Handsfree communication
• Fully portable – plugs into standard cigarette lighter socket
• 3-watt speaker
• In-line microphone
• Rapid charging capability
• Clip-on attachment system for convenient car mounting
• The 98192 works well also for StarTac phones

The Motorola 98192 is compatible with the following Motorola phones:- Motorola C388, Motorola A388, Motorola L7089, Motorola L7082, Motorola V8162, Motorola V8160, Motorola V3682, Motorola P8767, Motorola P8197, Motorola P8167, Motorola P8160, Motorola P8097, Motorola P8090, Motorola P7389i, Motorola P7389, Motorola P7382i, Motorola P7382, Motorola T8367, Motorola T8167, Motorola T8160, Motorola T8090, Motorola 7860W, Motorola 7860, Motorola 7800, Motorola 7797, Motorola 7795, Motorola 7790si, Motorola 7790i, Motorola 7790, Motorola 7762, Motorola 7760,

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