Nokia Wireless Plug-in Car Handsfree HF-35W
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Thursday December 13th 2007,
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The Nokia Wireless Plug-in Car Handsfree HF-35W is a high-tech, low-cost device to help you make or take calls while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel.

Compatible with a wide range of Nokia mobile phones, this portable car kit has DSP for noise and echo cancellation thus affording you excellent audio quality. Simply plug the kit into your cigarette lighter socket and the flexible hinge enables you to position the device exactly where you want it.

This user-friendly handsfree device has built-in buttons for power, sending/ending calls, and adjusting volume. You can answer, reject, or end a call, redial the last called number, activate voice dialing (if supported by your phone), and adjust the volume.

Key features:

• Fully portable
• Handsfree communication
• No installation needed – simply plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.
• Accept/reject/hang up/redial without breaking your concentration
• Utilize voice dialling (when supported by compatible phone)
• Adjust caller volume
• DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation
• Automatically connects to paired phone when turning on, via wireless Bluetooth technology

The Nokia HF-35W kit contains:

• Handsfree Unit HF-35W
• User guide

The Nokia HF-35W is compatible with the following Nokia phones:- Nokia N95, Nokia N93i, Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N90, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N81, Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N70, Nokia E90, Nokia E65, Nokia E61i, Nokia E51, Nokia 9500, Nokia 9300i, Nokia 9300, Nokia 8800, Nokia 8600 Luna, Nokia 7710, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7380, Nokia 7370, Nokia 7280, Nokia 6822, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6810, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310, Nokia 6280, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 6230, Nokia Nokia 6151, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6125, 6121 classic, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6111, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6103, Nokia 6021, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 3660, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3500 classic, Nokia 3250 XpressMusic, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3110, Nokia 3109 classic, Nokia 2760,

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