Sony Ericcson Bluetooth Handsfree HCB-700
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Saturday December 15th 2007,
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The Sony Ericcson HCB-700 is a powerful voice activated Bluetooth Car Kit that enables you enjoy true handsfree communication whilst driving. The wireless Bluetooth technology means you don’t even have to take the phone out of your pocket; your mobile phone and the HCB-700 connect automatically. Just turn the ignition key and you’re ready to make, take or reject calls in the car.

The Sony Ericsson HCB-700 is separated into two units, which further increases your safety and convenience. Attach the control unit close to your hand. It’s easy to use; the buttons can be used intuitively, so you can focus on the traffic while scrolling through the menu. Position the flexible Info display kit on the car’s dashboard or close to the rear-view mirror. When the phone rings you take a quick look at the Info display to see the Caller ID and decide whether you want to take or reject the call.

The voice dialling feature enables you to access contacts in your phone’s address book or dictate the number out loud and the HCB-700 will dial it for you leaving you free to concentrate on driving.

Key Features:

• Handsfree communication
• Voice digit dialling
• LCD display and separate control button
• Caller ID display
• Phone book acesss
• Voice recognition
• Suitable for any vehicle
• Car radio mute
• Audio volume control
• Can be used by up to 5 users

The Sony Ericcson HCB-700 is compatible with all Sony Ericcson Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

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