THB Bury CarTalk System 8 Universal Hands Free Car Kit
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Thursday December 20th 2007,
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The THB Bury Uni System 8 offers handsfree communication whilst driving, coupled with excellent audio quality.

The real beauty of this system is its compatibility with virtually every mobile phone on the market. Instead of changing your car kit when you change your mobile phone, with the THB Bury system all you need to change is the cradle. This makes the system ideal for cars that have multiple users. In addition, in conjunction with data-compatible mobile telephones, it supports connections to notebooks or PDAs via a data cable (available as accessory). This transforms any vehicle into a mobile office with all important communication connections.

The THB System 8 car kit can be integrated into most vehicle radios so that the sound from the kit is passed through the vehicle speakers making it louder and clearer. It also provides car radio muting so that when a call is made or received the vehicle stereo will automatically mute.
The Take&Talk cradles can be easily installed for the THB UNI System 8 without the need for wires or tools. When docking, all the necessary connections are carefully and safely made between the hands-free kit and the Take&Talk cradle. There are customized cradles for all leading makes of mobile phone and the system can be continuously expanded. In addition, several mobile phones can be used in the same Take&Talk Holder cradle.

Key features:

• Compatible with many leading makes of mobile phone
• Cradles can be replaced without having to change the base set, no tools needed
• Supports connections to laptops or PDAs via a data cable**
• Improved transmission and reception performance due to the external antenna**
• Charging function
• Integrated switch box for using the vehicle’s internal speakers
• Radio-Mute Function
** Requires an additional accessory.

The THB Bury Universal Car Kit contains:

• Electronic Box
• Docking station
• Amplifier Microphone
• Connection cables

The THB Bury Uni system 8 is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones. Please contact Select Car Kits to check compatibility with your phone.

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